Introduction and other Necessities


I am not sure how you found this page, but I am impressed.  Unless I am a big public figure at the time that you read this, in which case, I guess it’s understandable. But that would raise other concerns.

In case you couldn’t tell I am not a professional writer, blogosphere architect, or social media guru. What I am is a computer networking junkie that likes to learn and then attempt to share some version of that knowledge with others.

Currently I am employed as a Solutions Architect with Edge Solutions, LLC, with a strong focus on the latest and greatest trends in the networking industry. On my path to this position I learned a LOT from other gearheads in social media and now I want to give back what I can.

Why should you listen to me? Well, first of all, no one said you should. But in addition to having a number of arcane acronyms to my name indicating that I can pass a test, I have been involved in the tech industry for several years now, I am detail oriented, and I am conscientious to a fault. I will do my best to not lead you astray.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to learning together!

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